Meal Replacement

When you’re training regularly, you have a fast paced lifestyle or your schedule gets full, it can be hard to meet all of your body’s nutritional needs with your usual diet. That’s why we created the complete meal solution.

Our meal replacement shake has been specially formulated to support your busy lifestyle while meeting your nutritional needs. You no longer have to turn to junk food when time is short and you need to refuel while on-the-go; you can maintain a healthy diet, get all the essential nutrients your body needs and feel full and satisfied.

Complete is ideal for those looking for a tasty vegan meal replacement shake; nutritious, delicious and available in five different flavours.

Benefits of Complete meal replacement:

  • Complete nutrition on-the-go
  • Leaves you feeling full and satisfied
  • Tastes great and comes in five different flavours
  • High convenient shake format
  • Vegan and gluten free


Why is this meal solution different from typical meal replacement shakes?

Complete is a meal replacement shake that won’t fill you with junk. It’s made with real food that’s highly nutritious and satiating, plus, it actually tastes nice!

How meal replacement shakes work?

Meal replacement shakes are an ideal way to get all of the nutrients that you would get from a complete meal. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or have a very busy lifestyle, meal replacement shakes are a good way to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients that your body needs.

Can meal replacement shakes cause constipation?

A balanced diet is always the best way to avoid constipation. If you’re generally a healthy individual, getting enough liquids and fiber should help avoid constipation in general.

Can meal replacement shakes help weight loss?

If you use meal replacement shakes to help you go into a calorie deficit, then they can be a great way to help you lose weight.

Are meal replacement shakes nutritious?

Our meal replacement supplement is highly nutritious and will enable you to get a good range of nutrients in your diet.

When to use meal replacement shakes?

You can choose when to use your meal replacement shake, whether it’s for a nutritious breakfast, a quick but filling lunch, or even pre and post workout.

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