Terms and Conditions: GetWintered Event, Challenge, and Prize Draw


1. Location and Dates:

  • The event will be held at Manley Mere.


2. Eligibility for Attendance:

  • To attend, you must create an account; however, attendance numbers are limited.
  • Event invitations will be sent via email.


3. Subscriber Invitations:

  • Subscribers (including existing subscribers) to any PhD product receive automatic invitations (pre-release).


4. Travel and Accommodation:

  • Travel and accommodation expenses are not covered and must be paid for by the individual.


5. Health and Safety:

  • Health and safety forms must be signed upon attendance.
  • Participants must not have any existing injuries or health issues that inhibit participation.


6. Event Details:

  • The event will be 4 hours (exact timings to be confirmed).
  • Product sampling will be available on the day.
  • Photography and videography will occur; attendees can state their preference to avoid being filmed.



1. Health Precautions:

  • Participants with prior health concerns should seek approval from a doctor before engaging in activities.


2. Content Engagement:

  • Participants are not obliged to share or engage in content unless desired.


3. Challenge Purpose:

  • The challenge aims to encourage daily activity with no defined success or failure.
  • PhD is here to support participants in their fitness journey, regardless of their chosen level of participation.


4. Challenge Duration:

The #getwintered challenge will run from February 5th, 2024, to March 1st, 2024.


5. Exclusive Access:

  • Athlete level members will gain access to exclusive Getting Wintered content and rewards with performance partners, available in the PhD+ Dashboard.


6. Free Entry:

The challenge is free to enter, available to all interested individuals.


7. Flexibility to Join:

Participants can join the challenge at any time; it is never too late to start the fitness journey.


8. Communication Channels:

  • Challenge information will be communicated via Instagram and TikTok.
  • Challenge content will be delivered via the PhD+ Dashboard, accessible after creating an account (Team level member).


Prize Draw:

1. Entry Mechanisms:

  • Each share on Instagram or TikTok using #getwintered equals 1 additional entry into the prize draw.
  • Creating a PhD account grants 1 entry.
  • There is no limit on the number of shares (no bot accounts please)


2. Winner Selection:

  • The winner will be randomly chosen, based on the number of accumulated hashtags over the challenge period (each hashtag being another opportunity to be picked as a winner).
  • You can still win by sharing just once however you will increase your chances of winning by sharing more frequently.


3. Prize Details:

  • The prize is up to £1,000 worth of PhD products over a 12-month period.
  • Loyalty points totalling £83.33 will be added to the winner's account each month.


4. Eligibility for Prize:

  • Account creation is not necessary to be eligible to win the prize.


5. Winner Notification:

  • The winner will be contacted via direct message on either Instagram, TikTok or email (if opted in to email).