Is PHD.COM the same company as PHD-SUPPLEMENTS.COM?

Yes.  When launching the new website we decided the domain PHD.COM better suited the brand and its range offered which is far wider than just supplements.

Is my data still secure? 

Yes.  We have upgraded the security of the website in the relaunch and we still have an SSL Certificate to ensure all connections to the website are private.

Why is my password not working?

For security reasons we decided not to transfer over existing passwords and instead ask that users with accounts reset their password at the following link: Reset Password

I have reward points, will I still be able to use them?

Yes.  All points balances have been transferred over.  However, you will not continue accumulating points on any future orders as the reward scheme has changed from a points based scheme, see details here: Loyalty Scheme

Will my current points expire?

Yes, all points will expire on 31-Dec-2019.

Why has the reward scheme changed?

We wanted to offer something better, the new loyalty scheme offers a greater benefit to customers than the previous scheme offering up to 15% off discount on any purchase.