Looking back at the failed attempt of the worlds longest lake swim in Loch ness, Scotland back in November 2022. After being pulled out on medical grounds having cellulitis, hyperthermia and kidney failure. Ross has recovered and is ready to take on the challenge once more. This episode covers a 8 hour overnight swim and an introduction to the team that is supporting Ross to success.


In this episode we dive a bit deeper to understand who Ross really is, how he is able to take on these incredibly physically challenging records and what impact nutrition and mindset has on this everyday training. 


Despite all the adversity Ross has been through he is determined to tackle this challenge. This episode reveals the final preparations and how Ross tackles adversity in any situation. We speak to Ross's brother Scott about what he was like as a child, Ross's girlfriend Hester about her concerns of the swim and James Morton, Science in Sport Director of performance solutions on what makes a world class team.