Advanced Mass Protein

Our Advanced Mass product is for those wanting to gain some serious muscle mass. Packed with protein, high in calories, and including additional ingredients such as MCT oils, this is the ultimate mass gainer shake. Couple this with a high calorie diet, and you have the best recipe for building quality muscle mass.
Benefits of our high calorie mass gainer powder:
50g of quality protein
4-stage protein blend with whey isolate
1,146 calories
Best way to conveniently boost calories
Carbohydrate dense (188g) to drive the recovery process
Comes in four delicious flavours
How to Build Muscle
There are a variety of ways to build muscle mass, but one key component is to create a calorie surplus in your diet. This means that you consume more calories than you burn. Naturally, if you are training hard, you will need a substantial amount of calories in your diet, and this can sometimes prove difficult without eating foods that are full of fat.
That is why our mass gainer product is a popular option - you can reach your calorie surplus goals with quality nutrients.
What is a Calorie Surplus to Build Muscle?
This is when you consume more calories than you burn, so that there are surplus calories left in order to help build muscle mass. If you don’t want to gain a lot of weight, but you want to build muscle, a light calorie surplus might be the best option for you. This would be around 5% of your maintenance weight.
How Do I Use a Mass Gainer?
We recommend using Advanced Mass right after your workout to boost your recovery, or in between meals throughout the day in order to boost your calorie intake. They can be quite heavy to digest, so having them before a workout might not be the best choice.
What is a “Dirty Bulk”?
A term you might have heard used in reference to gaining mass is a “dirty bulk”. This is when those looking to gain weight quickly aim to significantly increase their calorie intake by consuming foods very high in calories but often low in nutrition. Junk food comes with high fat content and while it may help go into a big calorie surplus, it’s not the healthiest way to gain mass.
How to Lean Bulk
If a lean physique is what you’re after, you’ll want to avoid a “dirty bulk”. You should focus on consuming quality calories, high in nutrients and with good quality protein such as whey. Aim for foods and protein powders or snacks that contain high quality fats and you will have the energy to train seriously hard.
You should push your muscles during every training session, and always switch up the stimulus so that your muscles have to adapt and grow.
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